Why Your Parents Aren’t Idiots For Not Freaking Out About Coronavirus Like You Are

My cousin called the other day and sounded very stressed. Come to think of it, who doesn’t feel a bit stressed these days? Her source of stress was her parents, who are in their 70s. She complained they would not take this Wuhan coronavirus outbreak seriously.

What she really meant was that they are not making the same choices about it that she is. Neither of her parents wear the masks she sent them when they are out and about, they didn’t stock up on hand sanitizer or toilet paper, her dad still planned to attend his weekly Toastmasters meeting, and her mom was getting ready to see her friends from the wine club this week. They were both bummed when their gatherings got canceled.

I asked my parents if they are worried about the pandemic, and they told me they had been through much worse in their lives: famine, armed conflicts, and helplessly watching their loved ones perish. They are not freaking out about the coronavirus like we are because they have seen it all.

They told me this pandemic shall pass, just like the numerous other challenges they have faced in their lifetime. They said that, yes, we should follow all the good personal hygiene practices and some preventative measures, but still, we must try to live a normal life as much as possible. That’s why they did not stock up on hand sanitizer. Soap and water are perfectly fine, they said.
 Source: The Federalist
Old Couple by Stannah International is licensed under Flickr Creative Commons Generic 2.0
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