Steven Crowder's Bottom Line Message for Trump Supporters: 'Conceding Is for Cowards'

Audience member Paige told the “Louder with Crowder” host some of her friends think Trump should concede because they’re afraid of the Left’s response if Trump does win, no doubt with visions of month-after-month of “peaceful protests” playing in their heads.

“My conservative friends have given up and believe we should concede because they are afraid of what the Left will do if Trump wins. What are your thoughts?

Crowder not only disagreed; his response couldn’t have been more bottom-line blunt:

“Paige, listen I don’t know your friends. And regardless of what we talk about as it relates to voter fraud, voter irregularities, and regardless of what happens, that mentality? Of your friends?  It is the epitome of cowardice. That is so disappointing. And is so the opposite […] those are not friends you can trust. Those are not friends you want in a foxhole with you.”

He used an analogy of a married couple reacting to a robbery in their home.

“People who are married, out there. You have a husband who says ‘Ooh, ooh, I can stop the robbers but I’m afraid I’ll piss them off more. And [the wife] says, ‘Wait a second — the kids are in the other room.’ ‘Yeah, [says the husband] but maybe they’ll just take stuff. If I go out, maybe they’ll hurt the kids.’

“No. You’re job is to defend the house —defend your family. […] Our job is to ensure the security and to ensure the stability and the longevity of the Constitutional Republic of the United States.”
 Source: Red State
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