Nadler Proves You Don't Stand a Chance in Dems' Kangaroo Court

It was a kangaroo court that Kafka would have been proud of (or ashamed of, to be more accurate). It was emblematic of the worst kind of Orwellian dystopia and it played out before our very eyes on cable television.
Jerry Nadler, the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, lectured, harangued and attacked the attorney general in the most sanctimonious fashion:


This is politics in the big, bad city and Mr. Barr certainly knows how this game is played. Nadler and the Democrats' disgrace is that they refused to allow the AG to respond to the most egregious accusations hurled at him. They steam-rolled him, cut him off, and "re-claimed" their time in such a way that no question was allowed to be answered.

It was despicable.
 Source: Town Hall
Courtroom by Karen Neoh is licensed under Flickr creative commons license 2.0
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