Michigan's Gov. Whitmer Faces Legislature and Citizens Revolt

  • 2020-04-24
  • Source: PJ Media
  • by: Bryan Preston

Republicans control Michigan's legislature and plan to pass several bills to limit Whitmer's power. Whitmer is a Democrat and says she'll veto them in the name of "safety."

But is safety really the issue here? Michigan's COVID-19 caseload outside Wayne County (Detroit) is not large relative to its population and a case can be made for treating the Upper Peninsula very differently from the large cities. Whitmer's orders are arbitrary and nakedly political, at least regarding her abortion edict. She responded to early resistance with a threat to make everything worse that carried more than a whiff of a Soviet decree. And just today, she has extended the stay-at-home order through May 15. At the same time she is lifting her ban on motorized boating -- which never made any sense in the first place and sparked a prosecutor to take up his own low-grade revolt plus a motorboat fishing protest.

The governor’s ban sparked a protest in Baraga County over the weekend. Dozens of people fished out of motorboats at the Baraga Marina on Sunday, despite cold weather,  Upper Michigan Source reports. Protesters argued that it is possible to fish out of a motorboat and abide social distancing guidelines. Plus, with many people not working, fishing is a recreational activity that will keep them busy.

And people can also catch fish to feed their families. They could also grow gardens, but Whitmer had banned stores from selling seeds.
 Source: PJ Media
Whitmer by austin-slack is licensed under Flickr creative commons share-alike generic 2.0
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