Max Boot: Coronavirus Outbreak ‘Wouldn’t Have Happened if Hillary Clinton Had Won’

Boot, a military historian, calls coronavirus “the most foreseeable disaster in history” — though he did not tweet about it until February, particularly after it came up in the Democrat debate Feb. 25 in South Carolina. (His only tweet about “coronavirus” prior to Feb. 26 references a report by an eighth grader.)

In his op-ed, Boot claims that “Trump wasn’t paying attention” to intelligence reports. He fails to mention the travel ban on China that Trump imposed Jan. 31. (Boot has also mocked Trump’s travel ban on Europe, which was recommended and endorsed by Dr. Anthony Fauci, the infectious disease expert on the president’s coronavirus team.)

Boot’s reference to the question about Americans who are “scared” neglects to mention that Trump only reacted to the reporter, NBC’s Peter Alexander, after the latter accused the president of giving “false hope” to Americans. The NBC White House correspondent later issued a statement accusing Trump of lacking empathy for Americans.

At no point does Boot explain what Hillary Clinton would have done differently. He simply asserts that she is “a sane, sensible adult” — i.e. unlike Trump.
 Source: Breitbart
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