Lockdown is killing more patients than the coronavirus

Oregon’s largest news publication stumbled across a startling finding in the state’s fatality statistics. The Oregonian found that “245 more Oregonians died during the five weeks between March 16 and April 19 than during those same five weeks in 2017, 2018 and 2019, on average.” But only 78 people died in total from the virus, so where are the other 167 coming from?

To anyone who is following the data, it’s quite evident these mystery deaths are coming from the lockdown itself – both from the ban on vital medical procedures and the inordinate panic that is keeping people away from emergency rooms.

If pursuing a national lockdown was the biggest mistake in our history, shutting down “elective” medical procedures was the biggest mistake of the lockdown. Call it destroying health care to “save” health care.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day, and on March 15, the American Hospital Association ominously warned the surgeon general what would happen if medical care were shut down under the guise of preparing for an overload of COVID-19 patients (which failed to materialize in almost every city). While cautioning for a more nuanced and balanced approach to allow health care providers to perform “vital services to others in the community who need care,” the AHA warned about the misconception of the term “elective” surgeries.
 Source: Conservative Review
Medical staff by N/A is licensed under US Army Reserve Public Domain
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