Judicial Watch on Hunter Biden: 'This Is a RICO Case,' May Involve 'Incoming President of the United States — If He's Installed'

“This Is a RICO case,” Fitton charged, referring to the 1970 federal Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations law that allows prosecution of those allegedly involved. “It involves potentially the incoming president of the United States, assuming he’s installed,” he added — adamantly so.

“This was a corrupt suppression of a news story to help a favored political candidate. And it’s not just a Hunter Biden scandal and a Joe Biden scandal, and I guess, a James Biden scandal, Vice President Biden’s brother,” Fitton said. We have evidence, he said.

“We have evidence that Hunter Biden’s dealings benefited his father so we’ve got this evidence out there which the media still is covering up they’re pretending it’s a tax issue about Hunter Biden no in the if they’re doing their job the Justice department of the FBI they’re investigating Joe Biden they can’t separate the two.

“We have got the eyewitness testimony of Joe Biden’s involvement; we have the documents the emails from Hunter’s laptop and other emails separately from at least two other parties that confirmed Joe Biden was involved in these issues.

“This is a RICO case and involves potentially the incoming president of the United States, assuming he is installed.”

“It’s an FBI scandal, a Justice Department scandal because they covered this up prior to the election,” he said, adding that it is also a Congressional scandal.

And what more says “Congressional scandal” than Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA)? When Schiff’s lips are moving, he’s lying his ass off — all in the name of political expediency.
 Source: Red State
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