Joe Being Joe: Biden Awkwardly Only Takes Questions From Pre-Approved Reporters

After opening comments, Biden wearily looked around the room as he took the list from his coat pocket. “I’m happy to take your questions,” he said; “Let me get my list.” (He looked anything but happy.)
“I’m supposed to call on people,” he said at one point, again referring to the trusty list — no doubt provided by a breath-holding staffer.

GOP Rapid Response Director Steve Guest tweeted a short video clip of Biden pulling the list from his coat pocket and studying it for a few seconds. “Joe looks a little rusty in understanding how press conferences work,” he said. (See: “understatement.”)

So the questions came. Oh, those hard-hitting questions.

Yup, the soon-to-be Democrat presidential nominee was “drilled” with some pretty hardcore Pulitzer-worthy stuff, as White House Press Secretary Kayleigh MacEnany — who is shredded by the TDS-riddled “mainstream” media on a daily basis — wryly mocked. “Shredders” they were not.
 Source: Red State
Joe Biden by Phil Roeder is licensed under Flickr Creative Commons Generic 2.0
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