Here's What Happens When Republicans and Democrats 'Compromise'

Well, now we are getting details about this newest “compromise.” You’ll be less than shocked to learn that the bill is mostly trash, full of unrelated spending, and short on help for average Americans. In fact, only 1/5th of the bill goes to sending relief checks directly to the people.

Oh, but there’s $82 billion in there for schools and colleges, many of which aren’t even holding full-time, in person learning right now. What exactly do they need more money for? Who knew doing Zoom classes was so much more expensive than actually having your staff provide a real education. Besides, many of the colleges that will receive money are sitting on billions in endowments. How about they dip into that before fleecing taxpayers again?

That’s far from the only face-palm worthy inclusion, though.

Because nothing says solving a pandemic like a bunch of money for low income broadband. Now, I understand the argument will be that this is for remote learning. That’s nonsense. This money won’t even be spent by the time most of the country is vaccinated. It takes time to build infrastructure as well. Further, remote learning has been shown to be completely ineffective. Why spend money to do something that doesn’t work. Here’s a better idea. Don’t spend any extra money and just open schools. Anyone against that idea at this point is just spitting in the face of science.

And while I understand the money to rip out China-owned Huawei’s equipment is a good thing, why did it need to be in this bill? Why did funding for the border wall ($1.4 billion) need to be in this bill? Everyone realizes that Joe Biden is just going to re-direct that money, right? It’s basically just writing Democrats a blank check to further screw up our immigration system.

It doesn’t end there though. Overall, the bill is a complete win for Democrats while Republicans grab a few scraps off the floor.
 Source: Red State
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