Biden's sister, despite calls for unity, scoffs at suggestion Biden, Trump could work together: 'Why?'

Biden's younger sister and close political adviser Valerie Biden Owens rejected the idea that her brother could work alongside President Trump in an interview with Axios that aired Sunday, indicating that unity between Biden and Trump is likely not within the realm of possibility.

"Why?" Owens said when asked whether Biden and Trump could work together in the future. "It's a moot point. He's never going to see Donald Trump again. Donald Trump is going off the stage on Jan. 20, and that's history, that's past.

Joe's not going to talk about Donald Trump. Who cares? He cares about the American people."
She added: "Donald Trump is not in my brother's focus."
 Source: Fox News
Joe Biden by Marc Nozell is licensed under Flickr creative commons license 2.0
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