A New FBI Audit Shows Just How Corrupt and Biased the Carter Page FISA Warrant Was

That was a line used by many cable news “experts” to obfuscate from what had obviously happened.
Unfortunately for those wishing to handwave this all away, the findings show the opposite.
Translation: There were no underlying systemic issues that caused unforeseen, repeatable errors in the Carter Page FISA warrant. This was pure bias and corruption on display.

The FBI said Thursday that the bureau found just two “material” errors in an audit of 29 applications to surveil American citizens, an error rate that pales in comparison to the 17 “significant” problems discovered in applications for surveillance orders against former Trump campaign aide Carter Page.
In a statement, the FBI said that the two errors found in the 29 applications likely would not have changed the FISA Court’s decision to grant the underlying surveillance orders.
 Source: Red State
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